Jie assessment in bathing 】 there's a "bodyguard" onlookers Naked yan mowgli

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Shower room is one of the world and you most intimate partner, no one. Because you every day and its "open and honest". It comes to the net, height or size accept according to the order. It "shelter from the rain", keep the bathroom dry wet depart.

Small make up today to introduce a katine said he list CT5591310 shower room series, it will let you impressed with the quality, willing to be a captive of it.



Super neat rectangle frame create unfettered free feeling, without any modification or modified, the whole piece of glass clear transparent, let yourself when bath, extremely modern attractions.

The minimalist design not only can satisfy today's consumers from the aesthetic, at the same time, the design style of the be clear at a glance so parts of them quality put forward higher requirements, appearance, exquisite and delicate design can seem to be more after the baptism of time, less adornment can lead to higher efficiency, more environmental protection and more economic and more comfortable life.

From bath to bath you only a shower room

Imagine a person take a shower in the morning, another to go to the toilet, two eye stare small eye to the embarrassment of National People's Congress; Winter bath in the home, empty who ?



Except for one to see the beautiful atmosphere grade, also can meet the demand of modern shower, shower room with dry wet depart, heat preservation, use agile and convenient, health, size can be customized, and other functions, make simple shower into a super great enjoyment.

Invisible safety shower arm

In recent years, as a result of the toughened glass explosive accident occurred frequently, which focus on safety shower space moment of katine said he put bath safety of consumers in the first place. How to preliminary protection and how to eliminate tempered glass explode to reassure consumers take a bath,

Katine said he on glass quality excellence, continuous efforts to delve into the list price series CT5591310 shower room, realize the new breakthrough in the shower safety issues.


Super thick safety glass

Katine said he list CT5591310 glass shower room series adopts high safety grade 8 mm thick mirrors (SG) safety glass as raw materials, clear and transparent glass, toughened degree is high, feel is smooth, very easy to clean.

Highly toughened glass at the same time also has a very high resistance to corrosion, such as fingerprint resistance, scratch resistance performance. Katine said he on the surface treatment of the heart, the real interpretation of the product concept of "katine said he quality, faithful".




Auto glass laminated glass

What! A bath will happen explosion? Yes, mostly use tempered glass, shower room glass, toughened glass itself is three over one thousand of the explosive rate, poor quality of the glass, improper use, improper installation or temperature difference and so on are likely to cause the glass broken. In order to eliminate the toughened glass detonate a big hidden danger, katine said he in the shower room is high quality glass level rising, katine said he shower room since 2013 on the as-received grade level by the car (CP) level upgrade to the mirrors (SG), steel processing, and USES the Finnish glass tempering furnace for toughened glass explosive issue.

Only is to improve the glass and steel grade can only part of the solution, because there are many factors which can cause glass explosive, then




Auto glass laminated glass level compared with ordinary tempered glass blasting figure

In the process of bath, glass even explosive fracture, debris will be stick on the film, broken glass still maintain clean and smooth surface. It is effective to prevent the occurrence of the debris injured event, ensure the personal safety

. Now most advanced building using laminated glass, not only in order to avoid accidents, also because of laminated glass has excellent aseismic invasion ability.

Middle membrane can resist the hammer, chopping wood knife, continuous attack weapon, but also for quite a long time against bullet, its security level is very high.

Toughened glass under the heavy ball impact may be broken, but the whole piece of glass still keep one sandwich, debris and sharp bits and ? in the middle



Explosion-proof blow test

Katine said he every piece of glass shower room 48 hours after high temperature, repeatedly hit a rigorous test, is like katine said he person's personality, meticulous on every production process, for each product the quality of the pursuit of perfection, for every consumer safety in mind.

Hardware accessories quality upgrade again

The shower room between wei yu, do solid and durable as the most basic requirements, whether does the hardware fittings and glass combination of good quality, will play a decisive role on the whole the durability of shower room.

Katine said he list series CT5591310 shower hinge on its design and development, is the big time. First choose the hydraulic stainless steel material, bearing capacity is very considerable,

The second way ? the joining together of two pieces of hinge bump



Stainless steel hinge

Stainless steel hinge inside design is also of great articles. Inside to increase thickness of better quality, more plastic gasket, suction is not easy to deformation, can better fixed glass, glass to prevent vibration,

From the source reduce the risk of glass explode. At the same time, hide neri mystery shell with smooth level, make the appearance of the hinge and shower room whole contracted style one integrated mass, more is not easy to shelter evil people and practices, easy to clean.



Longer handle design

Longer handle design, suitable for all ages crowd, can hang a towel, clothes, etc., stretch hand to desirable convenient enough experience to show katine said he the care and close to consumers.



Widening thickening organ strip

Glass between links organ strip thickening widened, further improve the durability. Katine said he in the shower room do watertight doors almost no noise at the same time, for the consumer to create a quiet comfortable shower space.



Katine said he shower room products marketed in the former, all hardware accessories after 72 hours salt spray test strictly, including waterproof, switch, seal test reference European standard test, with the strength to prove quality, use quality gain trust.

Overall rating:

Overall rating:

Painted painted exterior painted u do

Painted painted painted painted painted glass

Waterproof u u u u u

Metal painted painted u u u

Katine said he KUSTOM, derived from coustom: take the customer as the center, customized. Katine said he invited well-known designers custom design center, from experience, the ongoing technological innovation, the professional essence of dribs and drabs infiltrate into every detail, perfect show on each leaf of shower room. From material to hardware accessories, each part should be through art masters ? layers of trial