The rain season, when spring is happening! The one big thing happened to me today, you know?

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Today is one of the traditional 24 solar terms in the rain, all say "good rain season, when spring is happening", foshan sunny today, but it was a big things happened, you know?

Today in the family of shower room, there is a new public number was born! That's what we -- katine said he shower room!

Now, let me introduce myself:


My name: katine said he shower room,

English name: KUSTOM small

KUSTOM, derived from coustom: take the customer as the center, customized. In the quickening pace of life today, shower space as the washing of body and mind, relax the mind of the place and cherished.

KUSTOM katine said he insisted on the core of human experience, innovation and environmental protection technology, high-tech production methods, combined with the designers to create a new standard of visual sense of touch, let users to have better control of water, the experience of water.

Katine said he invited well-known designers custom design center, from experience, the ongoing technological innovation, to create a more comfortable shower space, experience with pioneer spirit and sensibility, changing the colorful design style.



My career: focus on high-end custom shower room products

Since 2006, custom katine said he has been committed to high-end shower room product design and manufacturing, to "quality, innovation, reputation, fast" for the brand concept,

For users to create safe, comfortable, let a person touched of shower space experience. Katine said he products are exported to Asia, Europe and the United States and other more than 20 countries and regions, with the enthusiasm and dedication of katine said he has won the market recognition and respect



My idea: build generations share shower space.

KUSTOM katine said he insisted on for quality, starting from the rigid material: using auto level full toughened glass, aluminum, magnesium, titanium alloy, mirror grade 304 stainless steel quality raw materials such as seiko manufacturing, and in strict accordance with the European standard for impact test, aging test, airtight detection testing, life testing, etc. High quality material is the foundation of building high quality shower room, for the high standard process requirements, is the key link to build high quality shower room.

Katine said he people by high-tech and inheriting experience, strict implementation of process control, quality inspection, refuse all bad product into the market. Because only every detail into perfection, can produce great works.



I: the coordinates of the lion hills, located in nanhai district, foshan city, guangdong province, north industrial area B industrial avenue

Telephone: 0757-81805468, fax: 81770898 81770898


Shower yue life!

Welcome attention katine said he shower room, KUSTOM katine said he will bring you more.